Working in within the healthcare industry, Carmen met many people with different intolerances to food. With so many desserts & puddings revolving around gluten & dairy, she realised how limited people were when it came to treats.

With this in mind, she set about to create healthy alternatives to cakes, sweet treats & all of the wonderful things which may be off limits to some people. Honey & Date was created.

The vision is really simple – take healthy ingredients & pull them together to make a delicious tasting sweet treat. All of the products are made with nutritious ingredients such as cashews, almonds & coconut oil. Superfoods such as maca & spirulina are added, with the sweetness only ever coming from dates, fresh fruits & a hint of agave.

All of the flavours are also raw – meaning that the ingredients in the cakes aren’t heated about 42°C. This retains all of the incredible nutrients which occur naturally in all of the ingredients which have been carefully selected. All of the Honey & Date products are free from gluten, dairy, soy & refined sugar so you can have guilt free treats.