Dairy contrary? Soya avoider? Can’t stand the wheat? Relax…Freaks of Nature make devilishly decadent puds from good, natural stuff: cashews, coconut, cacao, fruit – all  that sort of jazz.

British born Peter Ahye grew up in Trinidad surrounded by the same mouth-watering tropical fruits that inspired Freaks of Nature: juicy fruits, ripe mangoes and exotic coconuts, all picked fresh from his family farm. Having boasted an entrepreneurial spirit from a young age (his first business was started in the school playground!). He recently left his long career in large-scale manufacturing, services and retail industries – including roles at Next, Shop Direct, United Biscuits – to start his own independent business.

Peter created Freaks of Nature after struggling to find great tasting desserts that didn’t contain gluten, dairy, soya or eggs. He felt free from desserts were not the main event but rather the sideshow and wanted Freaks of Nature to change this.

Made only from simple, natural and plant based ingredients these desserts are a ‘freak of nature’. Something so special from something so natural. All their desserts are naturally free from using only mother nature’s finest ingredients. Their desserts are crammed with fruits, nuts, coconut, natural nectars and cacao, which makes them free from dairy, gluten, eggs, soya, white sugar, artificial additives and preservatives.

Twice the protein and and fibre levels, 50% less saturated fats, they only use natural sugars and sweeteners meaning their desserts have up to 50% less sugar than comparable mainstream and free from desserts. Freakishly delicious.  

Check out their Mango Fandango which is a vanilla posset with mango & passion fruit coulis topped with pistachios. Their Cocoa Loco is a decadent chocolate ganache topped with caramelised hazelnuts. Zingy raspberry coulis topped with zesty lemon posset makes up their zingy thingy!

Freaks of Nature want to make people feel great, not guilty!

Why not get some in for the freak end, available at our Marylebone market now.