Food should help you heal, thrive and glow so eat yourself healthy with a Pollen & Grace salad box.

At Sourced Market HQ we love all food from the perceived dirty to the saintly clean products on our shelves but it’s very important to us that we eat a healthy, balanced diet. We were thrilled when Pollen & Grace came knocking on our door with gifts of beautifully packaged and visually appealing salads, breakfast pots, cakes and all sorts of tasty treats. The natural, great tasting salads arrived gluten free, wheat free, dairy free and refined sugar free. Pollen & Grace believe that food should help you heal, thrive and glow. They use 100% natural ingredients and only buy their meat from a reputable source that insists on good animal husbandry.

Chomping our way through vegan, pescaterian and organic chicken salads and pots it was clear that Pollen & Grace had hit the ‘accessing healthy food’ nail on the head. Each of their boxes and pots are carefully considered to give you a balance of flavour, nutrition and most importantly a filling healthy lunch or dinner.

Every colour of the rainbow is packed into their salads which means that different types of nutrients are packed in. The five elements of Chinese medicine – sweet, sour, bitter, spicy and salty are combined in all their salads which makes for a great tasting breakfast, lunch or dinner. All of their salads change on a seasonal basis so we decided that it was about time we brought Pollen & Grace on board to help you find your lunchtime nirvana! Farewell soggy sandwich, hello svelte salads and snacks!