Easter Egg Hunt while the roast is in the oven, anyone?

Easter lands on the 14th to 17th April this year. Fancy an Easter Egg hunt on the Sunday while the roast is in the oven? Gather your family and surprise them with a  hunting bunny gift cube from Rococo chocolates. Keep their superior seagull fleur de sel salted caramel egg crate for a little after lunch indulgence.  

This year we have a solid, marbled rabbit from Cocoa Loco, it almost looks too cute to eat!

Cocoa loco live, breathe, dream and sleep chocolate but it has to be Fairtrade and organic all the way and 100% ethical too. Cocoa loco chocolate is single origin, lovingly handmade in small batches by skilled chocolatiers. It is superb quality, tasty, artisan chocolate don’t let the funny faces Easter Eggs fool you, cocoa loco mean business.

Hazelnut Easter Eggs, Raspberry Easter Eggs…Rubber ducky Easter Eggs – yep, that’s not a typo! Cocoba have created easter eggs to delight both tastebuds and children.

Robot studded eggs, dinosaur studded eggs and dark chocolate sea shell studded eggs that kids will go crazy for while the rents have peace of mind that Chococo, a small, independent, artisan chocolate company, based in Dorset, are creating quirky chocolate with no added preservatives or added sugar.