Dash Water share Sourced Markets vision of sourcing the best and most sustainable ingredients. They are mindful of making a sustainable difference in a busy consumer world. Dash is always innovative, British and transparent in what they do.

They craft their infusions in the UK using spring water freshly sprung from Staffordshire. Their wonky cucumbers are grown in the UK and surplus lemons arrive from where they grow best, in Sicily.

Like us, Dash want people to start drinking more water and stop throwing away deliciously-wonky fruit and veg. Jack and Alex are both from farming backgrounds, they’ve seen first-hand just how much produce never even gets to the supermarket. They also both used to sell mainstream fizzy soft drinks. In their old office they developed a daily ritual of concocting their own tasty infused waters. They couldn’t spot anything they liked half as much in the shops so it was time to do something about it, 100% naturally, and decided to get cracking on creating Dash.

Our mission, put simply: to get people drinking more water. We want to make water more exciting for you, using as few, and as naturally good ingredients as possible. We want to create a drink of the highest quality, adding a little sparkle along the way. That’s why we’re made in the UK, artisanally crafted and mindfully sustainable.

The Dash infusing process is unique as they infuse whole wonky fruit and vegetables, as opposed to adding flavourings. Crafted in East London, their infusion is a finely-tuned six hour process to achieve perfection, and currently comes in two delicious flavours: Lemon & Lime and Cucumber & Lemon. Dash is for healthy, tasty, on-the-go hydration – all day long. No calories, no sugar, no additives – nothing but all-natural ingredients. Did we mention that it sparkles too?!

Dash Water will be sampling at our St Pancras market today, 8th June 2017, from noon until 2.30pm. 

Fancy winning some Dash Water? Simply snap a photo of  Dash water at Sourced Market, post it on twitter or instagram using the hash tag: #DashInToSourcedMarket Follow both Dash Water and Sourced Market and we will pick a winner.  Winner announced Friday, 16th June.  Good Luck!