Bermondsey Street Bees was founded 10 years ago by Dale Gibson, when he started keeping bees on our rooftop, overlooking the London Shard. Since then, we have won many accolades including ‘Small Artisan Producer of The Year’ and the ‘Urban Food Awards’.

Honey is a once a year, sought after, harvest. We realised that we knew lots of great beekeepers all over the country whom find it hard to sell their produce. We set up our Metro & Union labels to buy exceptional single-source raw honeys; Metro from city bees and Union from country hives. We travel widely looking for exciting, unusual and characterful honeys, always sourcing from individual beekeepers.

Healthy, well-nourished bees make wonderful honey, which we simply spin, cold-filter and jar. This preserves the nutritional benefits and the complex flavours. We only buy honey from beekeepers who prioritise welfare and keep their hives in locations where there is sustainable forage.

The heart of our business remains our ‘home apiary’ in Bermondsey Street. But life is not plain sailing for city bees. London has the densest bee population in Europe – and ever-shrinking green space. Honey yields are amongst the lowest in the country. So we plant sustainable, enduring forage including trees and shrubs which provide long lasting benefits to honeybees and other key pollinators. A single flowering lime (linden) tree, for instance, provides forage equivalent to 300 sq.metres of wildflower meadow.

We love Sourced Market because they ‘get it’. They completely understand the difference between processed supermarket honey and the raw, artisan products we produce. They love the fact that each small batch honey has a completely individual character. They are true foodies and it’s such a thrill to see our jars on their shelves.

A selection of Bermondsey Street Bees honey is available in all our markets.